Why Your Church Should Be Online

One of the most common questions I receive from Pastors is, “Why should my church be online?” I realize a huge gap in training and teaching about Online Church is explaining why Online Church is so important. Continue reading “Why Your Church Should Be Online”


How to Start an Online Campus, with little to no budget

As the Online Church revolution begins, one of the first questions churches and pastors ask is “How much will it cost?” My answer to that question may shock you! If your goal is to get a basic online campus started at your church, in most cases it will cost you absolutely nothing. That’s right! Starting and maintaining an Online Campus can be a FREE ministry at your church! Continue reading “How to Start an Online Campus, with little to no budget”

Online Church – It’s Not Just For Millennials!

This may surprise you, but Online Church is Multi-Generational.

One of the biggest misconceptions about providing an Online Campus at your church is that it only targets Millennials, the digital generation. Over the last 9 years of having an Online Campus, we’ve learned that Online Church is increasingly popular with older generations as well.

While creating an Online experience that attracts the younger generation is valuable, it’s important to remember that just like in your physical church – targeting every generation is key to your success. Older generations provide a key aspect of building your Online Church Family. (You will see that phrase a lot in my blogs about Online Church!)

“Why is Online Church popular with the Older Generation?”

Continue reading “Online Church – It’s Not Just For Millennials!”